Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Asus Zenbook UX303UA Real Life Review

Asus Zenbook UX303UA Real Life Review

Let's get right into it. About 1000 EUR fell out of the sky, and I had to choose a PC/laptop within that budget. I came with a list of requirements:
  1. Backlit keyboard. As it is widely known, IT creativity and problem solving abilities in computer sciences are strongly correlated with the darkness. Not a single problem in the history of computers was solved during the daylight, or with even the slightest environmental lights on, because the computer-related answers are always lurking in the dark, waiting for that last beacon of light to die and for the darkness to prevail. So event though the illuminated keyboard does present a direct threat to the problem solving, it is a trade-off which is mostly tolerated in the dark eyes of the IT-related problem-solving creatures. 
  2. As light as possible. Because I had a 3kg+ laptops before, I somehow got tired of not having the possibility to pass the laptop to someone by only using a pinky.
  3. Battery duration at least 76 days on high brightness with 3 movies playing simultaneously.
  4. At least 8GB RAM.
  5. At least i5 CPU.
  6. Full HD resolution IPS Display with good viewing angles, and not nangles.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Filming Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik Review

Filming Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik Review
(In Real Life)

Since it's not everyday that Star Wars are being filmed in a circus-multiverse called Croatia, we've decided to take this ~700km trip to Dubrovnik with a New Hope (...) to see something interesting, compromising, or at east humiliating, during the weekend shootings, with a help of civilized intrusive attitude and gentle bad manners. 

As it turned out, the security at the scenes had prepared almost equally civilized defensive attitude with significantly worse manners to meet our own. And there was a ridiculously large number of them at every step, making sure to educate you on walking and observing rules on-site ("Don't look. Go away.").