Wednesday, November 26, 2014

EINHELL RT-MG 200 E aka THE RENOVATOR Real Life Review

I admit right here, right now: I fell for the commercial like a true adult male gizmo-loving idiot. This post is a warning to all of you potential adult male gizmo-loving idiots who show continuous sucker tendencies for new, well-commercialized, power tool gizmos. The problem is, most people are living in the denial after buying something they can hardly afford. They still believe that this is a really great product, and write accordingly on various forums. The fact is, it is not.  I won't go into specifications, promises and dreams about this product. I am going to the core. To the point. To the heart. To the very being of the... ah, screw it.
The pictures!

EINHELL RT-MG 200 E aka THE RENOVATOR and similar products - what the hell are they for?

They are toys. Seriously, if you need a tool to cut, saw, sand, this is hardly the thing you need. It is weak. Attachments are extremely expandable (beyond belief). The pictures below will tell you everything you need to know.

EINHELL RT-MG 200E saw blade #1 after about 4 uses (wooden board 2 cm thick)
Saw blade #2 after about 3 uses (several cuts through the wooden boards)

Holy Smoke: Cutting though the pine board (2 cm thick)

99% of the time you will experience this after a relaxed sanding session

This is the original sanding pad for attaching the sanding paper. It is a joke. Made of some kind of plastic/rubber material. Of course it went to shit after several uses. The vibrations were obviously too much for this kind of material.

Offtopic sanding session: the Parkside belt sander also died after several uses.

The other thing that the Renovator is good at: sawing through fiberboard.

Cutting nails and screws? Forget it. 

Sawing redwood was a pain.

But it managed.. slowly.. painfully.. Notice the burned wood.

This is a NEWLY BOUGHT sanding pad after just a few uses. No words are really necessary. But let's throw some away anyway: this pad has a metallic support which is better than plastic/rubber on the original, but it is still extremely expandable.

EINHELL RT-MG 200 E The Good:

  1. A nice toy for sawing thick air and sanding chickens feathers.
  2. Seriously, sanding can be ok at times, but it wears off the attachments and sand papers beyond belief.
  3. Good grip.
  4. Not so expensive.
  5. You get a tool bag for the tool and its accessories.
  6. You can get the tool working in some tricky areas or corners inaccessible with other tools. 
  7. When sawing, it burns wood, for a fact. So if you need some smoke for your bacon or ham, Einhell will do.
  8. I have a dream that other manufacturers, Bosch for example, has a better product of this sort than Einhell or The Renovator. It is a pleasant dream, thus it is in The Good category.

EINHELL RT-MG 200 E The Bad:

  1. Original attachments are sh**. Weak, poor, and they practically force you to buy replacements.
  2. Replacement attachments are too expensive. And, they are sh**.
    Less sh** than the originals though, but still, pure and honest sh** (shit). 
  3. The tool gets very hot after prolonged use (> 10 minutes).
  4. It is noisy by default, but the tool gets extremely noisy after prolonged use (>3 minutes)
  5. Sawing wood is a pain. Actually, sawing through anything is a pain. With the exception of styrofoam sheets (polystyrene), and thick air.
  6. There is NO WAY you can put the tool and its accessories back in its tool bag and CLOSE the tool bag completely.
  7. It constantly lets you down when you need it the most.
  8. I should have bought Bosch. F**k. 


  1. Thank you for this review. I will buy one for my father. I will also tell this to my friends. Informative and interesting which we share with you so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts. I am tiring the same best work from me in the future as well.

  2. Review detailed, realistic illustrations. But I want to see the overall comparison with other products. Thank you

    1. No problem Mr.John. If you would kindly send me or sponsor those other products, I will gladly review them and make comparisons of epic proportions!

  3. toy for sawing thick air and sanding chickens feathers hahahah awesome man :)

  4. Thanks for your review. It is imformative. Thanks again!!