Monday, May 26, 2014

Slug Wars Chapter 1: Making DIY Electric Slug Fence Review

Continuing on the identity crisis remark, I am now in the critical identity development phase of seeking enemies to wage war against. Slimy, ugly creatures which steal and eat our food while we are not watching seemed like a perfectly good deal for engagement. This is Chapter 1 of the long Epic Saga Of Slug Wars, which begins here and now, and possibly ends, also here, and now.

You can use this review to build your own electric slug fence. Feel free to comment below on your own versions or visions of the fence. You don't need to comment the electric fence on this review, if you absolutely don't need to.

Why on earth would I make an ELECTRIC FENCE against slugs? 

Well, firstly, because I realized that I can, and it sounded like a marvellously cool thing to do. Secondly, because none of the other slug-repellent methods don't really work (coffee leftovers, egg shells, ashes, marigold, whatever, screw it, I like the first reason for making this thing better). And, oh, it is pretty cheap also.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making a Simple Wooden Composter Review

It may as well be some sort of existential crisis in question, but in any case, here we are. Making a composter. With no previous (relevant at least) wooden-stuff-making experiences, I have decided it is about the rightful time to properly punch some nails and screws into some wooden planks.

What is a composter (compost bin) anyway? 

It is the place to throw away the pulp from your juicer. And some other stuff. Anyway, if you decided to read these instructions, you either:

1) Know what a compost bin does.
2) Have read nearly all the Internet, and all that is left to read is this article. In this case, you should also know what a compost bin does, since you have read all the Internet.

So, being able to establish these facts, let us proceed. I have to point out though that there are far better DIY tutorials on making compost bins on the internet, but they are not as nearly as frivolous as this one here.