Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making Wheatgrass Juice on Cold Press Juicer Review

Since I have bought this thing called cheap cold press juicer, I am testing both our limits by casually throwing everything I get my hands on into its feeding tube. Then, after I drink the resulting strange liquid, I go online to check if those ingredients were a good idea.

To save you the trouble: Internet clearly says that wheatgrass is unbelievably, incredibly, unthinkably, implausibly, and so on, healthy, for us, Earth humans, descendants of The Space Petunia. 

Wheat grass has the apparent ability to cure all the diseases known to humankind, to keep you strong and healthy, to keep you awake at boring lectures and meetings, to gently fix burnt-out christmas lights, to prolong the life of your Google Nexus 10 and upgrade its USB to facilitate native USB Host functionality, and so on. 

So, lets try to squeeze this green motherf****r.

Christmas Wheatgrass with unthinkably healthy properties
and highly suspicious seed origins: Can it be squeezed?