Thursday, December 19, 2013

iPazzPort Air Mouse vs Rii Mini i6 Wireless Keyboards: Epic Comparison Review

For reasons yet unbeknownst to my mind (I pronounce this expression valid from this day, in case it isn't yet), I sold the perfectly good Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard which was really nice and useful, and found myself with no proper HTPC remote control. 

It was strange. 
I felt like floating. Nothing to hold on to.
Nowhere to wirelessly go.  

iPazzPort Wireless Fly Air Mouse Mini Keyboard 2.4GHz w/ IR Remote Black
(official model name)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Epic Comparison: Cold Press vs Centrifugal Juicer

As a progressive consumer, I am not really satisfied with almost anything I buy nowadays. And yes, the term "progressive consumer" doesn't really mean anything in the last sentence. Let's move on. Instant regret is the first thing I experience almost every time after coming home with the new thing and after trying it out. But still, it feels good for about 7 seconds immediately after buying it, so it is worth the weeks of inner conflicts which strike later.

I was happy with my centrifugal juicer for a while (Space Petunia Review defines "happy" as an emotional state which does not make a person blow his/hers head off with a moderately-sized hand cannon, but gives enough room in a definition in a way that a person is allowed to accidentally chop his/hers head off with any available kitchen appliance and/or power tool). Then I realized that with every juice I make, I am throwing away giant piles of pulp, which is still moist and full of life. Of course, that was just an excuse to put away the centrifugal juicer, and get rid of the responsibility of cleaning the thing after every use.

Centrifugal Juicer vs Cold Press Juicer Mortal Combat

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

VIVAX SJ-150: Cheap Cold Press Juicer Review

Long ago I've heard about these "slow, cold press juicers", and of all the benefits which they could offer. Unfortunately, that did not motivate me enough to spend 89,273,761,282,423 $ for mere curiosity on their efficacy, so I put those curiosities in the drawer with the rest of the stuff from eBay for which I have no practical use - the fact which did not stop me from ordering tons of them.

And one day, glorious Chinese factories have started to manufacture these things, only 2365 times cheaper. I don't doubt that materials used in these copies are probably far inferior to those used in the expensive original ones, but frankly, I don't care much for that now. I will care of course when it breaks and falls apart, and I assume that will happen about 2 days after the warranty deadline expires.

VIVAX SJ-150 Cold Press Juicer: Currently the most cheapest one (about 120$)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Yarvik TAB09-211 Xenta 97ic+ Real Life Review

Do you know, my fellow Internet consumer, what I really hate about 90% of the on-line product reviews? Do you know? How could you know? Do you even care? I hope you don't care. There are far more important things to care about, with some of them on the Internet, and some of them on some other places.

But the uncertain fact is that 90% of the on-line product reviews are about rewriting product specification and going like "Supreme Quad Core CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM speak for itself. This hardware configuration guarantees superior performance, and the 8000 mAh battery will last you a long time (which is longer then time, or some approximation of it), and Android 4.2 ensures great user experience and stuff."

Yarvik TAB09-211 Xenta 97ic+:
Do you care? Parrot cares.

But, what about real life user experiences, what about using the tablet for some time, its behaviour, its feel, its... emotions? lol. What about user emotions? I am naturally talking about these emotions which wisely guide you through the process of throwing non-responsive things into hard concrete walls.

PRESTIGIO MULTIPAD 4 Quantum 9.7 PMP 5297C Real Life Review

As for almost every new tablet (or any device really), I was afraid I couldn't make more words in the review than it is present in this model name. That is the main reason for this short introduction, because I never know what will I write about, or how long would I care about writing before wrapping it up, close the laptop lid, say goodbye to the computer, turn on my other computer, and watch some TV series. 

// IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is updated with new information based on the new firmware update, version 1.0.7 (see the comment section), and it is done so by using this fancy red, but not completely red, colour. 

Because the changes were so tremendous with the new firmware, new article would probably be a better idea. But then, It would mean to throw away all this healthy sarcasm. And that is never an option.

Prestigio Multipad 4 Quantum 9.7 5297C:
They have some seriously cool
high-tech background picture 
Did I mention this little thing which always seems to happen to me. One day (1) after buying PRESTIGIO Multipad 4 quantum 9.7 5297C tablet, PIPO has arrived to our market with its model PIPO M6 Pro, and, for the same price, it offered:

  1. Larger battery (2x5000mAh=10.000mAh instead of 8.000mAh on Prestigio)
  2. Better camera (well, at least more Mpix) with Flash (no flash on Prestigio)
  3. Embedded GPS
  4. More storage (16GB instead of 8GB on Prestigio)
  5. Better community
  6. Probably some other things
And what am I doing regarding this revelation? Looking for PIPO M6 Pro reviews and offers every day and every night, of course. And much to my great happiness and well being, it seems that PIPO M6 Pro also has some performance issues due to this high resolution display.

Main purpose of this review is to warn about and to illustrate these performance issues which make cheaper "retina" tablets painful to use at considerable amount of occasions.

// Hm yeah well.. After Prestigio firmware update, main purpose of this article is to warn about and to illustrate these performance issues with the OLD firmware and on some other tablets which did not have this kind of a kick-ass new firmware.