Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chuwi V88S and PIPO S2 tablets, Merimobiles and Paypal Dispute Reviews

The thing is, I sold the previously reviewed Google Nexus 10 because I was pretty much out of the ideas about what to do with the thing, and I had pretty good ideas what to do with about 650$ I sold it for.

And the other thing is, several weeks after I sold it, I was coming up with all the shiny great reasons I would desperately need tablet for. Mindless surfing. Reading magazines. Peeking at books with nice full-colour pictures. Installing bunch of apps I will never use. Trying to root it for no logical reason.

So. I had to buy another one. And this is my story. The Yarvik picture beneath is a spoiler for the next post.

Yarvik TAB09-211 Xenta 97ic+ and The Parrot, newly discovered marketing genius