Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introduction to Huawei Ascend P1 Real Life Review

Why do I Need to Buy a New Phone Every 2 Years

Every money-consuming time I buy myself a new phone, I think naively to myself - yup, this is it, I won't need any other model, any other NEW phone, this one has it all, now I am finally AT PEACE. Then I would smoke a pipe in a comfy chair, if I would have one, or the other.

And then I start looking for that one bit in the giga-haystack.

This is my story, and official intro to the Huawei Ascend P1 real life review. You can freely skip it if you don't care about my brain and jump straight to the Huawei Ascend P1 Real Life Review.

Introduction: HTC Desire 

My previous phone, HTC Desire, was a fairly good phone with one major stupid shortcoming: It had a stupidly small storage for installing new apps. So, install one GPS app, install second GPS app (in case the first one fails when it's needed the most, as it usually does), and that's it. The damned "low on space" message becomes everyday reality. Other then that, I hated its sound quality. It had no bass, not enough headphone's 3.5mm output power to blast away the neighbours, or at least their kid.

The only fair solution to low-on-space problem was to expand the internal shameful storage on the external microSD card. 

  1. But, to do that, you need to flash a custom ROM.
  2. But, to flash a custom ROM, you need to root the device.
  3. But, to root the device, you risk the device going go Android heaven.
  4. ...
  5. And then you need a new phone.

Decisions: buying a new phone

My first choice for the new device was Samsung Galaxy S2. It had good enough hardware characteristics and had proved itself overall a good device, at least on the 890743267481230654 reviews I thoroughly have read on the Internet. Twice.

Of course, my network provider did not have this one in offer. The ones they did have were mostly rubbish, but two devices cought my eyes and Chrome's usage of memory:

LG (Google) Nexus 4:

and Huawei Ascend P1:

About 100 EUR price difference, and big hardware difference. Nexus 4 was an obvious choice to make for an occasional geek like myself. But then, I've noticed something strange going on inside my head - I have started to think.

Why the hell would I need Quad Core in a mobile phone? (besides the fact that it's cool to say QUAD CORE. QUAD. yeah.) What for? Main functions of the today's phone I am using are these:

1. Calling (imagine that!)
2. SMS
3. Occasional web browsing
4. Reading emails
5. Playing music when driving, plugged in a car stereo
6. Occasional GPS navigation

If HTC Desire did all these things (rest his mobile soul) smoothly and perfectly with "only" single core proc and 512MB RAM, what good will the extra cores and other hi-end space hardware specs do for me? What do I need them for? Playing games? Rubbish. Most of the Android games are boring as politicians.

(funny picture of boring politician -> here <- )

The only arguments I've seen so far are some numbers and graph on some benchmarks, which say:

"Look, this is THE BEST PHONE, look how far right his graph column goes, look how brilliant it is. Great, vast column, stretching to the far right of the graph border. And this is YOUR PHONE, look, its column has hardly moved to the right. Therefore, you phone sucks. Besides, it only has 4 cores, and the BEST ONE has 128 cores, JUST LOOK AT ITS BRILLIANT COLUMNS!"

So, if someone can nicely and slowly (I am fairly slow, especially when not interested) explain to me what would I need to do in my normal life to take advantage of this kickass hardware, I will listen (to a first few words at least) and nod approvingly, and then slowly turning my attention to the air inside the room.

Okay, so I have bought Huawei. And this is officially the end of the official intro to the Huawei Ascend P1 real life review. Stay tuned. In E-minor if possible. Huawei Ascend P1 review is on the way - and I am going to talk about things that none of the other 8998764564698751563 reviews I have reviewed have reviewed.

And if you slowly and patiently review this last sentence, it will gradually start to make perfect sense.

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