Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Nexus 10 Review: Why You Don't Need It

Google Nexus 10 Review: Why You Don't Need It

Google Nexus 10: How it looks in theory
This article title probably won't get me far on Google rankings, but I can't stop myself from counting money spent on these devices, which could actually feed me in some other universe.

Tablets everywhere. When I first saw the iPad, I considered it total and utter useless rubbish, and I kept asking myself, and the people and the pink alien around me, what is the deal with this touch-screen torso-less display which makes it sell so much?

Oh yeah, it's the apple logo. Mystery solved.

... But then, other manufacturers started to sell gazillion of these devices.

Tablets are considered cool because you can take them with you on bathroom quests, use them in bed before sleeping, after sleeping and while sleeping, walk through thick crowd on a busy workday starring at their screen, go to concerts with them, avoiding school with them, talk to them, keeping beer bottles on them while drinking, cuddling them, care for them, and love them.

So, another mystery solved: these are the main reasons for tablets' popularity, proved by an unknown studies in some papers published on some scientific journals, or I've just made all these things up.

Let's TheGood and TheBad this Nexus thing now.

The Good: Google Nexus 10 tablet

  1. Dual Core, 2GB RAM, great 2560 x 1600 resolution, wonderful display, latest Android, great stuff, wonderful this, astonishing that, amazingly delightful specs
  2. Hardware does its job: super fast performance, quick switching between applications, very patient with user's consistent abuse
  3. Lightweight
  4. Great grip on the rubber-ish backside
  5. Very good battery life, especially when comparing to some similarly-sized notebooks.
  6. Other popular great stuff which you can read on any other product-specification review

Google Nexus 10: How it looks in practice

The Bad: Google Nexus 10 Tablet

1. Expensive 32GB version, and 16GB is to small for all the useless crap which you can squeeze on it. No chance of expending the storage with microSD card - nice one, google.
Can't even recognize external storage without some 3rd party application (which is not free.. by default). So, you need to find this app somewhere in the vast lonely spaces of the Internet

2. Fingerprints. See the picture. Delightful, isn't it? All this space technology and still they refuse to implement some kind of a oleophobic display technology. 

3. Screen reflection. It is little strange to surf the Internet porn whilst seeing your own face reflection on the screen.

4. To small screen. Yes, it is too small, and it is scientifically proven [12]. You see what I've just did here? I've put some non-existing reference to back-up this claim. Look it up.
Anyway, widescreen doesn't help at all. And extra dedicated black spaces on the upper and lower parts of the screen, which are reserved for Android back/home/AltTab buttons and similar system stuff, are not helping either.

5. Laptop is more comfortable for having it in a lap and doing stuff. A tablet just falls around when you are trying to stabilize it on your body or somewhere on your sofa, bed, or toilet. So, you would need a stand of some kind.

6. Photoshop PS doesn't have Bezier curves.
Bezier is now officially mad.

7. While performing some more complicated stuff, it tends to heat up to the point that you can use it as a thermophor on cold winter nights.

8. Oh, it is fairly useless
You can't honestly do anything serious on these devices. You can play some dull Android games (which at some point become alive at night and try to steal your money while you are daydreaming), you can read stolen magazines or comics on it, surf to the End of the Internet and back before your work shift ends, read your email, refresh your email and read it again, watch some movies, and that's about it. I can't even write blog articles without my veins popping out on my forehead when struggling to type on fictional key buttons which occupy more than half of the screen. Just to prove this point, let's see some example google inquiries:
Nexus: what to do with the damn thing?

Oh yes, you can root it, and then things are probably start being fun for you.

I have bought some external Bluetooth keyboard (see the pic). I have bought stylus, every possible cable adapter, tablet stand and cover and a carrying bag. I have even connected a USB mouse to the tablet, just to make it more serious for doing some serious stuff which would make me some serious money, maybe, possibly, someday, probably not. And then it struck me - this is a laptop now. Why the hell do I need a tablet for, when I really need a laptop? And I have a laptop. So, I don't really need anything for now. 

Anyone care to buy mine? Look how pretty it is:

Bluetooth keyboard for Nexus 10 makes it almost like a notebook... almost... like a shaky, unstable, unergonomic, comedian notebook

Recommendation Prerequisites for Google Nexus 10 Tablet

  • You only need it for surfing, emailing, playing games, or even video watching
  • You don't need any serious Windows/Linux applications
  • You hate work
  • You hate reading books
  • You hate having friends
  • You hate sleeping
  • You have the opportunity to buy it cheaper and sell it for more
  • You don't care about money and you just want to occasionally throw it towards some giant companies for fun
  • You are perfectly normal geek and you love new hi-tech gizmos


Android is not ready for some useful utilization right now. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, if you need a device for work, you need a Win/Linux PC or a notebook. Maybe even the apple thing, but I don't honestly know, never had enough money for them.

An android tablet is good enough only for things listed above, which are mainly for fun. And that it where  Google Nexus 10 truly excels (I've always wanted to use this word, it sounds like I know what I'm talking about). But for these things, honestly, there are far cheaper alternatives which work surprisingly well. They are, of course, performing somewhat lousier at certain operations (most of which you will not use everyday), but in some things they are even better (microSD support, USB host out of the box, ...)

What is more important, the easiness of carrying your tablet anywhere with you (toilet, bed, bar, dates, fishing, hiking, car theft, ...) is really not such a good thing. These are times which a person had for himself/herself and real social interactions, and now these minimized times are also threatened. With the coming era of waterproof gizmos, the time for ourselves with no external stimuli is on the downfall.

And maybe some other stuff, but I'm tired of writing for now. Actually, I need to take my Nexus and go to the bathroom now to surf some serious stuff while doing some more serious stuff. 


  1. Thanx for grat articles. I stumbled to your review of Prestigio quantum 9.7 but read this one also. Delightful and informational read! You pay attention to details than many others skip, but are very important in real usage of devices. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. your comment on fingerprints is spot on.
    P.P.S. comment on screen reflection cracks me up :-)

    1. You know, I was so glad to see this comment, because I honestly thought that no one was actually reading this, and I rather hate the word 'actually', while experimenting with the word 'rather' at the same time.

      And I would really like to keep up with this fine work if someone would be so enormously kind to send me these tech gizmos occasionally for testing, but considering my sarcastic attention for detail, I am assuming that I won't receive much love from the sellers :)

  2. Thanks for your reviews, sarcasm much appreciated! Btw, I agree with all you said about tablets, they aren't for serious work. I have a Samsung galaxy Tab2 10.1, which is okay for reading comics, little internet and watching tv shows or movies in bed. Anything else, forget it. Thanks for honest words about tablets you have reviewed, it's really good to find such things amids all the paid comercial type reviews.

    1. Just to confirm this again, I was trying to decide whether to answer this comment from tablet and risk some artery popping or to wait for a Win PC to boot up and asnwer from there. I choose the first option because PC booting time is horrible, and I feel that artery already swelling. Hopefully, Hackers Keyboard will prevent more serious injuries.

      Anyway, thank you for your feedback! I will continue to write real life reviews, unless someone decides to pay me for a biased and dirty money making review, an option with extremely low probability, for which I would also make a review of course. Cheers!