Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cheap Weather Stations Review

I mean, I would really need to know what temperature is outside my cozy den when I wake up so I know what to dress and how to behave. Don’t really expect me to actually peek my head through the window, that would be insane. And it would be good to know about relative humidity also. And the pressure. And the moon phases. And wind, my god, the wind. 

Cheap Weather Stations Review

So what if the weather data on this thing is made up, based on some random numbers algorithm? All I need to get my dose of instant gratification when Internet is not nearby (>1.3m) is this:

Inside: 22C, 56%
Outside: 23C, 60%
Pressure: put_some_funny_number_here

AND of course, backlight. Regardless of environmental lightning, I can always dimm the artificial and daily lights so I could turn on this beautiful blueish feature.

AND one nice illustration of a frog wearing a hat. It just doesn't cut it without that frog.

I am trying to prove to you that you need this thing, although you already possess that knowledge, wish it or not, and to help you to choose when presented with multiple choice of various frogs with hats.

What features to look for when buying can be found in the good and the bad section.

Recommendation prerequisites

You have a torso.

The good

  1. Dropped on the laminate floor several times, no visible damage appeared.
  2. Could be actual correct readings, sometimes.
  3. Measures outside humidity, not only inside. This is priceless - if it is raining outside, this device can tell you that humidity is high! (sometimes)
  4. It is cheap.
  5. The backlight.
  6. It has buttons.
  7. The cool factor which makes all the non-wearing-hat frogs jealous.

The Bad

  1. The wireless connection between internal and external unit is very weak. Basically (this is one of the words which I basically hate very much, as it is so much misused on various Internet articles and live dialogs. The other one I have learned to hate is "AMAZING" - especially when the emphasis is on the second "A" - like "aMAYzing".) you need a clear line of sight between the two units in order to establish a connection.
  2. My internal unit doesn't have holes for wall-mounting. So, basically, you have just lost a perfectly good argument for drilling a few more holes in the wall.
  3. Backlight is a battery drainer.
  4. You can forget that you have it and buy another one by mistake.
  5. You WILL see a BETTER one on a monstrous sale few days after you buy it.
  6. It somehow attracts on the display all the oil molecules when you are preparing eggs and bacon for a snack. Unfortunately, it does not attract additional bacon from subspace, which is a particularly amuzing phenomenon to observe.
  7. Viewing angle is usually terrible on these devices. 


You have a torso, you buy at least one for every room. A guinea pig is not a prerequisite.

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